Studio Hans Dietvorst

“After having worked for more than 30 years within the international fashion industry, creative entrepreneur Hans Dietvorst decided to make a change within his professional life, making his love and fascination for photography, architecture, interior design and art more prominent and therefore started his Studio, working from Amsterdam, the Netherlands as well as from Nice on the Côte d’Azur in France.

His passion is to create custom-made walls of frames, where he mixes photographs with high-quality printed posters and some abstract art within fixed lines. “I love to work together with my clients, to understand what they are looking for and add their own favourite photographs to the mix. All photographs and art are put into luxury frames in a mix of materials and shapes”.

Next to creating these walls of frames, Hans is a passionate amateur photographer and a huge fan of black-and-white photography and art. He loves abstract and graphic lines, loves to photograph buildings and structures.
“It has always been my dream to work with talented artists and I am proud that Aurélien Cubeddu and Neil Melgaard Lewty are the first ones to contribute to the Studio. It is very motivating to cooperate with them and I am excited to offer some of their photographs and art as well.”

In Spring 2021, Hans and his partner Jochen Runkel completed their first rental project on the Côte d’Azur, France. Of course, walls of frames have been part of their interior-design concept.

Contributing Artists

Aurélien Cubeddu

Aurélien is a young marketing graduate following his passion for photography, specialized in photographing architecture and interiors.
As a huge nerd for post-processing and elaborate detail work, photography gives him the opportunity to be a perfectionist.

“My approach is to deliver natural looking images with impactful compositions that bring architecture to life. Finding new projects and enhancing my creative skills build my motivation”.

Neil Melgaard-Lewty

Neil Melgaard Lewty lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, as the Head of Design at J.Lindeberg, and is fascinated by the contrast of black and white in paintings. Thickly applied acrylic paint on bigger size canvas became his trademark.

Hans: ‘I met Neil in 2011, and for many years we worked together, creating with our teams the Tommy Hilfiger Menswear Collections. In his spare free time, in his studio, Neil makes amazing black and white paintings, I am excited that our studio can offer some of his best pieces! “Le noir est une couleur!”

© Hans Dietvorst